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John W. Miller
State Licensed Home Inspector HI-352
Residential Home Inspection

Residential Home Inspection

The purchase of a home can be the single largest investment of your life. Be certain that it is a sound investment. A thorough and comprehensive residential home inspection by PRP Home Inspections can give you the tools you need to make an educated decision on your purchase.

A residential home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of a residential dwelling which is designed to identify material defects, structural concerns, small issues that could become problematic, blemishes and cosmetics, and safety concerns.

The residential home inspection is a reporting on the visual and apparent condition of the structure and it's component systems.

Home Inspection

This type of inspection will examine the following areas:

  • Roofing
    Roof covering, roof penetrations such as skylights and chimneys, roof drainage systems

  • Exterior
    Wall cladding, flashing, and trim, exterior doors, windows, appurtenances such as walkways, decks, and porches, vegetation and grading, eaves, soffits, and facia

  • Garage
    Ceilings, walls, floor, fire separation between garage and living quarters, garage doors, automatic openers and safety sensing devices

  • Interiors
    Ceilings, walls, floor coverings, steps, stairways, railings, counter tops and cabinets, interior doors, windows

  • Structural
    Foundation, structural walls and floors, columns and piers, roof structure and attic

  • Plumbing
    Water supply and main shutoff, interior drains and distribution, fixtures such as toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, water heating systems, fuel storage and shutoffs, sump pumps

  • Electrical
    Service entrance mast and conductors, main panel and disconnect, distribution panels, over current protection, fixtures, lighting, fans, receptacles, GFCI, AFCI safety devices, polarity and grounding, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

  • HVAC
    Heating source and components, cooling source and components, duct work, fireplaces, including hearth, dampers, and visible flues

  • Insulation and Ventilation
    Insulation in attic and floor systems, vapor retarders, ventilation in attic and foundation, venting systems in kitchen, bath, and laundry, ventilation fans, thermostatic controls

  • Built in Kitchen Appliances
    Range top, oven, dishwasher, food disposer, trash compactor, range hood, microwave cooking devices

  • Optional Inclusions
    Inground sprinkler systems, outsheds, fencing and gates