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John W. Miller
State Licensed Home Inspector HI-352
Professional Home Inspection

Home Inspector in Deltona, FL

Whether you are buying a brand-new home or a resale in Deltona, FL, it is critical to have a licensed and experienced home inspector to provide a comprehensive home inspection to identify any potential issues and avoid surprise repair bills after your move in. It is not uncommon to find hidden defects unknown to the property owner or builder. PRP Home Inspections provides complete home inspections, roof inspections, and wind mitigation inspections for homeowners in DeLand, DeBary, Lake Helen, Orange City, and communities in Volusia County, FL.

Home Inspection

While Florida requires all home inspectors to be licensed, not all home inspectors have the same experience level. As a result, an inexperienced inspector that quickly glances over the home's vital systems could miss material defects that could have been corrected before closing. At PRP Home Inspections, we are committed to providing every buyer in DeBary and Volusia County with the knowledge they need to determine whether they are making a sound investment.

Roof Inspection

A roof condition certificate is included in a general residential home inspection, which indicates the age and condition of the roof and if excessive wear exists. However, experts say that you should have a professional roof inspection in Florida at least once per year and immediately after a storm if the damage is suspected. A roof inspection can help prevent expensive roof repairs and extend the life of your roof. You may also need a roof inspection when applying for homeowners’ insurance or refinancing your property.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Did you know that a wind mitigation inspection can help lower your homeowners' insurance premium? A wind mitigation inspection inspects the roof covering, wall connections, and windows to determine the potential impact a strong storm and high winds will have on your property.

Four-Point Home Inspections

Unlike a general home inspection that covers the ten systems and components, a four-point review checks the condition of the roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. In addition, homeowner's insurance carriers will typically require a four-point inspection when a home reaches 30 years of age.

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